Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM)

The importance of social responsibility is growing more and more each day, both for citizens and businesses. Practices aimed at securing social responsibility are no longer an attempt to gain a competitive advantage - they are required for an organization’s success. Stakeholders are now demanding corporations to track and report stakeholder communications, and organized documentation of this information is essential. Organizations such as the United Nations continue to produce expected guidelines for socially responsible management and other corporations are providing pressure to have standardized social reporting required.

Our Practice

  • Implementing CRM systems for over 10 years
  • Over 40 Successful CRM implementations in Canada
  • Hitachi Solutions' Dynamics CRM group is one of the largest independently managed practices in Canada
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in CRM

The SRM Solution

Hitachi Solutions' Stakeholder Relationship Management solution provides the resources and technology required to turn these guidelines into positive reporting results. SRM integrates facilities, projects and operations from various departments into a centralized system, providing secure relevant information at every professional level. This solution brings a balance between internal and external transparency satisfying stakeholders.

Hitachi Solutions' Stakeholder Relationship Management solution is built upon the Microsoft Dynamics foundation. This allows for smooth integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office; which ensures ease of use and an effective transition. Microsoft’s strong and reliable reputation combined with the creative and personal environment of Hitachi Solutions will provide a customized and tailored solution for your business that will meet your current social requirements.

Our SRM solutions can help you with:

  • Segregation-{Read More}
  • Uncertainty-{Read More}
  • Inaccessibility-{Read More}
  • One Time Use-{Read More}

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Streamlines Communication and Improves Collaboration within the Organization (Across Departments, Geographies and from Year to Year)
  • Results in Timeliness and Increased project efficiency.

Strengthens Stakeholder Identification; More Trust and Respect in Stakeholder Relationships
  • Visual Representation, Ability to Track Movements, Linkages between employees and stakeholders

Proper Documentation of Engagement Activities
  • Stakeholder reactions to press releases and media
  • Records of campaigns and events
  • Social Media Monitoring

Consistently Recent and Relevant
  • Keeps data up to date, when a contact’s information is altered on the main system, all employees receive the change ; connection with outlook keeps all email up to date

Enhances Management’s Understanding of Stakeholder impacts on Facilities, Projects and Operations
  • More accurate business processes leading to operational efficiency and more qualified decisions from the management team
  • Provides a set protocol for dealing with reoccurring issues

Provides the Resources to confirm Social Responsibility Goals and Commitments are met
  • Task Documentation, Dashboard Features, Accuracy of Reporting

Our SRM Capabilities

  • Stakeholder Identification and Stakeholder Mapping
  • Ability to utilize existing relations and cross reference networks and data
  • Social Impact and Opportunity Analysis
  • Assessments/Reviews, Mitigation processes, Conflict Resolution
  • Indigenous Community Consultations
  • Event and Media Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Practices
  • Training, Sustainability and Continued innovative improvements