Self-Service Portal

With self-service portals, you can combine data from multiple sources into a highly configurable and flexible interface. Self-service portals provide a more self-sufficient and customizable IT solution that can benefit almost every industry. Our self-service portal solution accelerator is catered to medium / large organizations looking to streamline common processes and reduce administrative costs.

Solution Highlights

Our robust solution, built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, is composed of:

  • Pre-Configured Employee Self-Service HR Modules
  • Configuration Templates
  • Process Designs
  • Accelerators
  • Tools

Our Self-Service Portal Capabilities

With our accumulated experience working with firms across varied industries, we will assist you in tailoring this solution to the common processes and needs of your organization.

The Hitachi Solutions Portals Practice is one of the largest and most experienced in Canada, with proven success in delivering industry best practices. We have consistently delivered industry-leading solutions to a broad range of clients including WestJet, TransAlta, Talisman, SpinMaster, Biovail, Revera Living and Vicwest. With over 10 years of experience and 200 active consultants we have consistently demonstrated success through our relentless focus on the benefits.

You can also learn how to evolve your business with these self-service strategies by watching our Self-Service Strategies for Human Resources Webinar.

Contact us online or call 1-866-816-4332 and ask about our “Portal Roadmap Discovery” series of workshops to help you:

  • Understand your current intranet or content management usage
  • Develop a vision for your intranet that aligns with business objectives
  • Determine and confirm a new intranet navigational architecture
  • Review and prioritize initiatives


  • Leverages out of the box Microsoft SharePoint functions providing you with pre-configured modules for employee and manager self service
  • Our experience with pre-built processes, accelerators and tools to reduces development time and cost for our clients
  • Integration into your current business systems including ERP, CRM, and SharePoint leveraging solutions like DUET Enterprise for SAP
  • Ability to create single go-to source for employees and managers to monitor and accomplish common tasks, retrieve documents and information, actively collaborate on new information

While self-service portals provide the necessary tools, their implementation cannot be your only focus. You must approach the solution holistically to actually achieve the desired results. Hitachi Solutions can help you achieve your business goals and drive the level of user adoption to maximize your benefits.

The following graph displays just some of the many solutions available for 6 different areas of business:

Self Service Graph