The SharePoint portal solution enabled us to provide our customers 7:00am access to their portfolio information, as well as controlled access by interested third parties that may need the information. This has helped us both significantly improve client satisfaction with online reporting, and reduce manual setup effort.
Sonia Maloney
Director of Investment Operations, Mawer Investment Management Ltd.

Custom Development and Integration

In order to optimize company performance, productivity and ROI, the methods and systems your business chooses to employ in today’s dynamic and fast-paced technology environment are crucial and rapidly changing. Rather than utilize one common platform for multiple functionalities across your organization, we realize it is standard to have very unique functional requirements and complex technology landscapes. Those needs ultimately require a variety of product offerings from different software vendors that can integrate and communicate seamlessly with one another. Many businesses feel their issues cannot be solved with a simple out-of the-box solution and every company has some level of unique business process that needs varying degrees of customization.

Our Approach

At Hitachi Solutions, we are driven to help your organization solve these issues and meet your business objectives more effectively. Our experienced technical and management consultants have a broad base of industry knowledge and are able to quickly understand your specific industry and business practices. Our consultants will provide overall strategic vision and serve as your trusted advisors in all aspects of business analysis and solution design.

Whether your objectives are rapid time to market, delivery within budget constraints or regulatory compliance, we have the ability to design and build complex, industry specific solutions to meet your exact project requirements and deliver functional benefits. While we can work offsite and independent of your organization, we place a high emphasis on teaming closely with your team to build capabilities and ultimately make your employees self-sufficient upon project completion. For all of our customers, Hitachi Solutions has developed a successful track record for delivering powerful, affordable and fully customized applications based on a wide variety of diverse technologies including:

Our team has the skill set to work outside of the “development box” and consistently looks at the whole solution. This approach has led us to deploy successful applications in some of Canada’s best and most recognizable companies including WestJet, City of Vancouver, Apotex, Boston Pizza, Talisman, TransCanada and PowerStream. Having been in the market for more than a decade and with our broad depth of technical and business knowledge, we are well-positioned to help you realize the operational benefits you are searching for in any custom application.

To learn more about how we can customize and/or integrate your IT solutions, contact us online or call 1-866-816-4332 and ask to speak with a custom development specialist.

What Areas Can We Help With?

Our custom development and integration team is technology agnostic, has experience working in complex, heterogeneous environments and combines a flexible and agile development methodology with a benefits-based delivery approach. The end result is a fully functional, security conscious application - customized to meet your exact needs. We can work with you from start to finish to complete the following initiatives:

  • Technology Assessments
  • Application Modernization
  • Application Migration
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Front-End Design and Usability Analysis
  • Solution Design and Architecture (Database, Application, Integration)
  • Construction and Implementation
  • Testing Methodology Best Practices
  • Application Deployment
  • Stabilization and Support
  • Training