Microsoft Sharepoint

Every day, employees are sharing files, working remotely, and exchanging knowledge across departments—and the tools they use to analyze, brainstorm, and make decisions need to reflect this.

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise collaboration tool that delivers powerful content management and sharing capabilities with a flexible infrastructure, scaling with business demands. Microsoft SharePoint empowers users while keeping IT in control and meeting your organization’s standards for security and compliance.

 Sharepoint Online


All-Encompassing Collaboration Suite

Eliminate the need to switch between various platforms by leveraging a suite of the best business productivity tools on the market. SharePoint Online integrates with Microsoft Office 365, Outlook and Exchange Online, Yammer, and OneDrive for Business, enabling employees to more easily collaborate and share information with familiar applications.

Work Together Anytime, Anywhere

Enable employees to work across departments, locations, and organizational boundaries with ease. When programs seamlessly connect, there’s no extra work or time wasted.


Reduce Costs

Remove the burdens of licensing costs, service, fees, IT resources, and employee downtime by consolidating productivity tools into an inclusive cloud platform. SharePoint Online aggregates information into one view instead of housing data in different silos.

Speed of Use

Make faster transactions with SharePoint Online’s improved performance speed. Quickly and securely store, sync, and share work files from any device or platform with the familiar SharePoint interface.


Data Mobility

Provide greater data mobility to busy, on-the-go employees with a consistent, user-friendly interface across devices and screens. The SharePoint mobile app, designed for Windows, iOS and Android, helps put the intranet in your pocket, keeping you up-to-date on company news, people, and content no matter where you are.

End-to-End Security

Know exactly where your organization’s data is stored, who has access to it, and what methods of security and compliance are protecting it. SharePoint Online keeps information under the governance of a single source.



Complete online upgrades with zero downtime and zero patching with SharePoint Online’s new update orchestration. Automatic updates and ease of use provides IT with important time-savings.

Scale with Business

Enhanced and optimized server roles and support for Windows Server 2016 efficiently scale computing, networking, and storage in both physical and virtual environments.

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 SharePoint On-Premises


Hybrid Cloud

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the ability to leverage new hybrid capabilities. Empower your users with the latest in Microsoft Office 365 innovation to SharePoint, enriching traditional on-premises workloads with cloud innovation.

Global Reach

Experience a single search experience combined with the power of the Office Graph using a unified index in Microsoft Office 365.


Cohesive Collaboration

Drive people-centric collaboration based on the OneDrive for Business Office 365 experience. User-friendly personal storage enables team members to file away important items, and then easily search and locate them for sharing.


Enable employees to quickly access, enter, and update data with touch-improved experiences across devices and screens.


Site Folders

Discover and bookmark sites for easy reference. Resource based URLS retain links when documents are renamed or moved.

Classification IDs

Leverage out-of-the-box sensitive information types for data loss prevention policies. In policies you can use other conditions, actions, and exceptions to solve your requirements.


Document Fingerprinting and Encryption

Easily use the document fingerprinting feature to convert standard form into a sensitive information type. Protect sensitive data with support for per-item encryption.

Policy Tips

Help prevent inadvertent sharing of sensitive information by creating data loss prevention policies that include Policy Tip notification messages. Customize policies according to organization needs with the ability to make edits to policy templates.

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