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Today professional firms are faced with constraints in the talent supply chain and enterprise performance management. This trend will increase as global demand for talent grows and professional services become quickly commoditized. Firms face increasing challenges to bring new services to market quick enough to keep up with demand. As well, firms want to improve client collaboration and create a more compelling relationship with the client. This contributes to a deeper client relationship and can lead to long-term growth and viability. Hitachi Solutions has provided leading firms with solutions that have contributed to their firm's robust growth in talent retention, pipeline and the bottom line.

Industry Challenges

Lack of visibility and control of talent and resources

  • Inefficient allocation of resources based on skills across geographical or organization boundaries and availability
  • Quality/profitability issues in project execution due to lack of optimization of skill fit in resource assignment
  • Sub-contractors not being used strategically

Missed sales opportunities

  • Unable to monitor the impact of marketing investments
  • Lack of transparency leads to pipeline and revenue leakage
  • Lack of coordination exposes key accounts to competitors
  • Missing control of contracts and billing

High cost of and lack of visibility into service delivery

  • Lack of standardization of service processes
  • Insufficient allocation of costs to projects or contracts
  • Lack of speed and accuracy in invoicing process
  • Inaccurate Work In Progress (WIP) management and invoicing

Poor visibility to performance

  • Lack of visibility and insight into operational performance (i.e. project, service line, contract, etc.)
  • Difficult to balance opportunities for growth with cost of risk avoidance
  • Insufficient planning capabilities (i.e. talent, finances, IT costs, etc.)

Solution Benefits

Managing Regulatory Complexity to Deliver to Clients Better Business Advice

  • 77% of firms report that a majority of their revenue is derived from specialized mission critical work
  • Through active management and tracking of regulations you will be able to spend more time on the client relationship and less time on figuring out the rules

Increasing Client Acquisition through Active Sales Data Management

  • Any discrepancy between measuring important and unimportant sales data can mean a difference of up to $100k revenue per billable advisor
  • With Hitachi Solutions you can complement existing client acquisition strategies by actively managing potential client data

Reduce Backlog and Deliver Projects on Time through Seamless Management of Project Files

  • Realize changes to EBITDA of up to 10% by increasing the effectiveness of your resource management systems
  • Each project has thousands of crucial files that may not always be accessible at critical points in a project

Training New Hires Faster and Better

  • For most firms it can take up to a year to fully train a new recruit, with average time for a new employee to become productive being 12 weeks
  • Our solution allows new employees to access the firm's collective knowledge and practices at the click of a button, reducing training time and costs

Additional benefits

  • Integrated, real-time planning that can support detailed cascading planning scenarios specific to professional services on detailed resource, project, client levels as well as it can easily align with corporate/business strategy
  • Enables streamlined reporting process which saves time by minimizing manual intervention, error reconciliation, variance analysis, and data processing. To get the most from your reporting solution, it also provides ready-to-run profitability reporting, flexible ad hoc reporting, and daily balance sheet and profit and loss statements
  • Link control measures to your processes to enhance compliance, combined with quick compliance report production where needed for submission to authorities
  • Review project performance in relationship to schedule, budget and staffing is crucial in eliminating potential risks that can occur on an engagement. This assures that clients are satisfied, resulting in good references and/or potentially follow up projects, and that the firm is making expected profit margins
  • Analyzing historical, current and future performance allows the firm to easily adjust to market demand needs to increase utilization
  • Managed archiving and coordination of data through various departments and sub-contractors allows projects to be delivered on time and with reduced project backlog

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