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In a period of economic uncertainty, Financial Services firms and investment advisors are racing to become the ‘trusted advisor’ to the exploding wealth management customer segment. Solidifying this trust is becoming ever more difficult as well researched and sophisticated clients demand greater value from their financial advisor amidst increased competition and less expensive access to new asset classes.

Industry Challenges

Asset Management

  • Limited influence capability to increase wallet and household share
  • Incapable of viewing all assets to client and household for a complete view on client value
  • Limited ability to view clients profile listed with interests and holdings to improve client interactions
  • Inability to track client interactions in an automated, streamlined fashion with client specific document distribution

Advisor Productivity

  • Lack capability to manage conversations with clients within client records
  • Difficult to collaborate on documents and exchange them with clients securely
  • Inability to store detailed information on clients to view previous interactions and client details to present viable offers and cross-sell opportunities

Integrated Advisor Network

  • Inability to retain and view client profile, interactions, Holdings, and other relevant marketing information over multiple systems
  • Minimal reporting capabilities to preview client profile and interactions
  • Lack of portal for clients to use to analyze their profile, collaborate on documents and communicate with Advisors
  • No mobile access to Advisor portal or client information for advisors on the go

Client Wealth Management Productivity

  • Heavy amount of resources required to produce client financial reports
  • Difficult to produce analytics of tracked statistics, assets, and client portfolios
  • Lack of automated financial reporting increases the risk of reporting errors and fines for late submissions
  • Lengthy process in valuation reporting

Solution Benefits

Increase Asset Management for Clients

  • Discover cross-sell opportunities to all lines of business quickly and efficiently
  • Follow client assets, households, and trusts closely to leverage products and help cross-sell
  • Gain full view into client profile to increase client engagement and cross-sell opportunities

Increase Productivity of Advisor-Client Relationship

  • Streamline the process of client onboarding
  • Decrease the amount of time Advisors and clients spend opening an account
  • Gain access to client portfolio, client engagements, and client assets from multiple data sources to ensure one complete view of client information
  • Exchange messages and collaborate documents between advisors and clients securely while keeping all interactions tied to one client information database
  • Streamline workflows and account activation processes automatically to keep within best practices

Improve Client Retention and Satisfaction

  • Inhabit a client portal to allow clients to access their finances, manage their account profile, and be able to communicate with advisors directly
  • Allow mobile access to clients to all their asset and client data through any mobile device
  • Provide clients with performance reports for assets, households and companies with ease
  • Automate the creation of financial reports to remove chances of error and late submissions

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