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Skype for Business lets you quickly connect with others across your company or around the world with a powerful platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing. It looks and feels like Skype, but has added productivity features that help run your business communications efficiently. Make voice of video calls, instant message, video chat, or schedule a meeting to start a conversation. Skype for Business connects your teams with the experience they love, in the Office applications they use every day.

 Skype for Business – Features


Skype Meetings

Skype Meetings provide audio, video, and web conferencing on the Internet, with the ability to schedule a meeting in advance or start one at any time. Up to 250 people can join a meeting, using the smartphones, tablets, PCs, phones, and meeting room devices.

Single-Touch Joining Meetings

Join meetings easily with a single touch or click from your calendar, meeting reminder, or the Skype for Business client.


Multi-Party HD Video Conferencing

Make video a more natural part of everyday business and collaboration, with 1080p resolution, and up to 6 people shown live simultaneously.

Content Sharing

Focus on the things you’re doing together, even when you’re far apart, with integrated real-time co-authoring, desktop sharing, application sharing, and PowerPoint presentations.


Skype Meeting Broadcast

Skype Meeting Broadcast extends the reach of Skype Meetings to up to 10,000 attendees for webinars, all-hands meetings, and other one-to-many presentations. Scheduling options allow you to limit attendance to people in your organization or open it to everyone on the Internet.

PSTN Conferencing from Microsoft

PSTN conferencing from Microsoft allows anyone to join your Skype Meetings using only a telephone. Useful for joining anytime a phone is more convenient than a tablet or PC, or anyplace without Internet access.


Local Dial-In Numbers

Easily join using the dial-in number automatically included in every Skype Meeting invite, and choose a local dial-in number in many countries around the world to reduce calling charges.

Easy Dial-Out

Add a person to a Skype Meeting in real-time simply by typing their phone number. Skype for Business dials them for you.


Meeting Roster and Controls

Use the Skype for Business meeting roster to see who has joined your meeting over the Internet and via phone, to see who’s speaking, and to mute people in noisy environments if needed.

Skype Room Systems

Skype for Business Room Systems extend the Skype Meetings experience to meeting rooms, with audio, HD video and content sharing.

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 Skype for Business – Benefits

As a growing business, you need reliable, robust services and security. Skype for Business enables your team to work like you all are in one room, even when you are not. Make, receive, and transfer business calls in the office, at home, or on the road using phone, PC, and mobile. From collaborative team sessions to large broadcasts to dialing into a conference using your phone, Skype for Business is designed for all your meeting needs.


Save with Stronger Security

When you use cloud-based Skype for Business as a part of Office 365, your communications, especially mobile communications, are better secured via proprietary technology that keeps your customer data safe. Whether you’re meeting with your own team, vendors, or clients, rest easy knowing that the data and files you share are secure.

Simplified Platform

Eliminate the need, costs, and risk associated with maintaining standalone services. With the ability to collaborate using the same, secure Microsoft platform, you get the comprehensive compliance and control that you expect.


Enhanced Collaboration

Enable your whole team to spontaneously collaborate wherever and whenever inspiration strikes with superb audio, video, chat, and file sharing. Replace scheduled, in-person meetings to reduce travel and save money, eliminate hassles, and get more time.

More Freedom

Use Skype for Business to work anywhere with Internet access on your favorite device. Via the cloud, your team can stay continuously connected to files, tools, and each other. And with conversation histories, enterprise-grade security, and the ease of joining meetings with a click or touch, collaboration has never been more organized, more secure or simple.


Total Security

Security threats are real, but Skype for Business has you covered. All communications, including mobile, real-time coauthoring in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are more secure via Microsoft proprietary technology—even while presenting via Skype for Business video calls. Data on lost or stolen devices stays encrypted, and ADSF plus 10 other industry-specific privacy standards keep you protected.

Work Together

Collaborate with team members using integrated audio, video, instant messaging, web conferencing, and file sharing in one simple platform. Plus, it lets you know when someone’s online and available.


Get More Done

Work more efficiently with your team with Skype for Business, a consolidated communications tool. Coauthor in real-time using Word, Excel, and even in PowerPoint while presenting. You can capture your ideas via keyboard, pen or touchscreen even when offline. Outlook Web app automatically updates your work when you reconnect.

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